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Goss Samford takes its professional and ethical obligations seriously. We are selective in the clients we agree to represent in order to avoid conflicts of interest that are often more difficult to manage with larger firms. Moreover, we carefully balance the work load of our clients to assure that we have capacity to meet each client's unique needs on a timely basis.





We are known for advocating our clients’ perspective on complex issues in a way that is clear, enthusiastic and persuasive. Whether it’s preparing a voluminous brief with hundreds of footnotes or a short two-page motion, we put the same level of effort into crafting every legal document so that it is easy to read and valuable for decision-makers. And when it comes to oral advocacy, we relish the opportunity to step to the podium and make the case for our client. In transactional work, we dive into the details of every deal to help clients maximize their value and mitigate their risk.



Government Relations



We help our clients achieve their policy goals by offering the strategic planning, local knowledge, deep policy experience and communication services that are necessary to craft the right message for the right audience at the right moment. We work closely with our clients to build lasting relationships and, through a collaborative, hands-on approach to problems, develop goals and policy solutions that are effective, efficient and transformative. We believe that taking the time to learn and know the fundamental aspects of our client's business and issues is critical to effective policy advocacy. With established relationships in both major political parties and decades of combined experience in Frankfort and Washington, we help clients navigate complex legislative, legal and regulatory processes. Whether it is promoting client programs and services, analyzing and drafting legislation, preparing and presenting testimony before public and legislative agencies, building coalitions, polling, or advocating for preferred policy outcomes, Goss Samford stands ready to help clients succeed.