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Our team knows firsthand what happens when a Governor and his team convene at the Executive Mansion on a Sunday afternoon in early winter to finalize budget priorities. We are comfortable with the frantic pace of the free conference committees that meet two hours before midnight on the last day of a legislative session. We know what happens when Supreme Court Justices deliberate over the text of legislation and regulations behind closed doors. We understand the pressures that fall on regulators who weigh the evidence, apply the law and balance the policy interests of competing stakeholders. We know the attention to detail and planning that goes into crafting the State of the Commonwealth address and the remarks for the Kentucky Derby Trophy Presentation. We recognize the unique challenges of designing and administering complex government programs involving billions of dollars. We know the obstacles that must be overcome to mount a successful policy campaign against better-funded opponents. We understand the dynamics of the corporate boardroom. We know all this because we’ve been there. We harness the synergies of individuals who know, from direct and personal experience, how judges, legislators, executive branch leaders and regulators think and decide. Check out some of our successes.





“I thought you did a great job communicating your message and explaining the significance, both of why you wrote it and what the reader can discover.”
– Vice President of Communications for a National Trade Organization

“What a pleasure to read your Motion for Discretionary Review. You are truly a master with your words and logic. As I read your Motion, I kept thinking it was like rubbing and admiring a fine quality piece of silverware that a craftsman had created. Instead of a master silversmith, you are a master wordsmith.”
– Utility Trade Association General Counsel

“This is an excellent brief - I honestly couldn't put it down as I read through it last night.”
– Utility Electric Transmission Director