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Kentucky is more than just My Old Kentucky Home. It’s a land of opportunity. We are here to help you achieve your goals, looking at each problem from every angle to find the best path to success.






Goss Samford, PLLC pairs our legal and governmental relations professionals to provide clients with the full-spectrum of skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to effectively achieve favorable outcomes for clients. More...



Our Team


Mark David Goss portrait

Mark David Goss

Mark David Goss has over three decades of experience gained across multiple industries. As an attorney, banker and former regulator, he understands the importance of having a multi-disciplinary approach to solving clients’ problems. Mark David understands the challenges of operating a business and knows how to help clients grow and thrive. (More...)
David Samford portrait

David Samford

David Samford gained a diversity of professional experience, relationships and knowledge working in government service and private practice over the past twenty-five years. David’s prior service in all three branches of government give him a unique ability to see issues that others might miss and to anticipate matters that catch others off guard. David helps clients look at issues from every angle in order to develop strategies to achieve favorable legal and public policy outcomes. (More...)
Stephanie Stumbo portrait

Stephanie Stumbo

Stephanie has a well-established and respected reputation among both Republican and Democrat members of the General Assembly and throughout state government. In her role as Director of Legislative and Government Relations, she performs both executive and legislative branch lobbying services, but also serves in a consulting role for clients in Kentucky and nationally advising on legislative strategy and a host of issues. (More...)
Allyson Honaker portrait

Allyson Honaker

Allyson Honaker is a proven litigator and trusted legal advisor who helps clients navigate the day-to-day challenges of owning and building a business. Allyson has a rich and diverse professional background that helps her anticipate the emerging risks confronting her clients, regardless of whether they are small, family-owned businesses or large, publicly-traded corporations. (More...)
Ethan Schrage portrait

Ethan Schrage

Ethan spent five years tracking every piece of legislation that was introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly before joining Goss Samford. His familiarity with the legislative process is a valuable resource to clients who require real-time updates on legislative developments. (More...)



Our Successes


Drafting legislation to help shape Kentucky’s energy policies and deregulate certain telecommunications services. Guiding clients through the regulatory process to gain approval to make investments totaling $593 million in the past five years. Helping a client in the beverage industry enter into a nationwide distribution agreement, allowing its products to reach consumers more quickly and efficiently. Helping utility clients secure regulatory approval to enter into financing arrangements totaling $1.9 billion. Helping a new client facing a loss of federal funding due to overly-restrictive state laws engage state legislators by drafting legislation and organizing an industry coalition to pass a bill with several days to spare in a short, thirty-day session. Working with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and other agencies to assure that consumers are protected from “skimmers” who would steal credit card information at the gas pump. Providing legal service as retained general counsel to multiple trade associations and corporate clients. Developing a unique program to allow utilities to offer greater access to community solar. Assisting legislators and policymakers in the development and implementation of programs and funding related to workforce development/job skills training, adult education and other education programs. Helping a developer negotiate a power purchase agreement with a nominal value of $1.3 billion. Working with legislators and stakeholders throughout the healthcare industry to pass important legislation to open-up the pre-authorization process for certain medications without sacrificing the quality of patient care. Successfully negotiating over two dozen municipal franchises.


Serving our clients is our top priority. We’ve helped clients invest in their businesses and communities. Whether it’s monitoring over 400 pieces of critical legislation during a legislative session or making compelling courtroom arguments, experience matters. Simply hearing about what is going on in Frankfort and Washington isn’t enough. We have a proven track record for helping clients navigate the legal, legislative and policy making processes.



What Makes Goss Samford Different?



Our unique experiences and relationships allow us to look at problems from multiple perspectives. This approach allows us to customize our services to afford clients the freedom to simultaneously pursue multiple paths to success. More...





“David – I have great respect for the work you and Mark David do for [us] and [our affiliates]. These are challenging times and your steady advice and counsel are very valuable to the family.”
– Utility Director of Finance and Treasurer

“OUTSTANDING – you hit this response out of the park!! Makes me look forward to oral argument!”
– Telecommunications Association President

“Just want to say how much I enjoyed working with everyone. I feel we were a great team and worked together very well. I am glad this case is over, but will miss working with you guys like I have been used to.”
– Corporate Chief Financial Officer

“Excellent job, as always. I would not change a single word in your Response.”
– Trade Association General Counsel